What should I do when encountering reception problems?

Satellite signal is transmitted directly on the high frequencies to a small dish and the satellite signal decoder (IRD) which is used for controlling, changing channels increasing and decreasing the volume.


If there is a problem with any part of the receiver system, the IRD will also be affected. But some problems are caused by the IRD itself for example E-05 damaged Smart card error appears but actually the smart card is only dirty. Therefore by removing and cleaning Smart card, it can still be reused.


After trying to solve IRD problem by removing the smart card or CA-Module on some models of IRD the problem still persists. The cause may be other parts of the system such as

  • The dish not getting enough signal. You can check the dish by follwing instruction in the IRD user manual
  • The IRD is placed in an unsuitable place i.e. in a too warm place
  • A cable used is too long (over 30-50 meters)
  • Damaged IRD