What's are TrueSmartChoice privileges?

Privileges from TrueOnline

  • Free Initial fee 2,000 Baht
  • Free Wi-Fi Router rental fee 3,200 Baht
  • Free Coaxial Cable installation fee for 70 Meters distance 1 site at 2,600 Baht (if longer than 70 Meters, need to pay for extra cost 25 Baht/ meter)

Privileges from True Visions

  • Free Installation fee 2,500 Baht
  • Free Set top box deposit 2,000 Baht
  • Entitle to watch True Visions via TVS Anywhere App until 31 December 2016 (normal charge 299 Baht/ month)

Privileges from True Card

  • Apply TrueSmartChoice 999 and 1,299, get True Red Card
  • Apply TrueSmartChoice 2,599 and 2,999, get True Black Card 
    for more privileges True Card will be sent to your home within 90 days after using the service (for the customers who've never received True Card before, no card delivery if they already got True Cards) Every 25 Baht expense for True service will be converted to 1 point accumulated to redeem various privileges via or true you application