What is Ultra hi-speed Internet (Docsis)

What is Ultra hi-speed Internet (Docsis)

Data transmission through a network system using Fiber Optic and Coaxial wire combined.  Also known as HFC or HybridFiber Coaxial Network.
Cable Modem has high ability to download and upload data without the burdensome of disconnection because Cable Modem is an always connected type of connection.


Ultra hi-speed Internet (Docsis) pros.

No additional expense for land line lease and there’s no phone expense for connection because there’s no need for telephone line to connect.

- The distance doesn’t affect the speed.  There are numerous speed package to choose from.   

- The speed is steady and able to handle up to 400 Mbps.

- Ultra hi-speed Internet (Docsis) and TVS CATV can be used concurrently with a single wire.

- Supports HD VDO Streaming.

- There’s stability for both upload and download.

- Quickly transmit large files. 

- Supports Applications requiring high Bandwidth; Multimedia, VDO Conference technology, etc.

- The connection is always on

- Can be integrated with IP Camera for security.

- Cost saving with unlimited time based usage monthly charge