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Knowing Automatic Recurring Charge package

Recurring Charge/ Automatic Renew is popular ahead the previous package, One Time Charge package since it answers the lifestyle of digital age that aims at continuous use of internet. In addition, the price is more worthy than one time charge package.

  • There're many of Recurring charge package same as One time charge package e.g. Nonstop speed, Unlimited fixed speed at 2Mbps, 6Mbps, 10Mbps or limited usage 30GB, 60GB, 75GB. Besides, recurring period is various e.g. every 7 days or 30 days. The cycle of auto recurring will also vary e.g. auto recurring for 6 cycles, 12 cycles etc.

Example of Auto Recurring Charge package



Q: When will package renew, how to count, is it difficult​??

A: it's quite easy, 3 simple steps as below

  1. Usage period will start counting since receiving a confirmation SMS plus package's usage day e.g. 7 days, 30 days, it isn't fixed but worthwhile
  2. Package will end at 23:59:59 hrs. and automatically renew at 00:00:00 hrs. on the next day

    Example how to calculate recurring day
  3. You have to reserve money for automatically recurring charge before the package to expire at 23:59:59 hrs. If there's not enough money for auto renew (package fee + VAT), for instance deduct 100 Baht + VAT, if we top up 120 Baht, system will automatically deduct money at 00:00:00 hrs. If there's insufficient money, customer will receive SMS notify to top up money for auto recurring charge

Q: If I didn't top up in time​??

A: No worry follow these steps

  • If unsuccessfully renew package, there'll be SMS including USSD code (*900*xxxx#) for automatic renew package

Example of message

  • If you unsuccessfully renew package, disable mobile data or connect data via WiFi in order to prevent internet charge as Pay Per Use. And then top up money and dial *123# (free) to check balance press USSD *900*xxxx# (free) referring to the received SMS
  • If you unsuccessfully renew package, and forget USSD code (*900*????), at 7:00 hrs. there'll be a notification SMS
  • or a simple way…top up money at the same amount of unsuccessful recurring charge price and then system will automatically renew package and you can continue using the package (no need to press USSD)
  • when you receive a confirmation SMS, package usage will start counting, check recurring period dial *510*96# (free)

Q: Can I change to other Recurring charge package? 

A: Yes, you can choose the preferred speed but you have to cancel the previous package first or the system don't know what's your preferred one, so system will renew all your packages. You can do as follows

  • dial *901*previous package code# (free) you'll receive a confirmation SMS
  • thereafter press *900*new package code# call (free)

Is it easy? only this you can upspeed and not being repeatedly charged

Q: Can I cancel Recurring charge package?

A: Yes, you can but the price of Recurring charge package is quite worthy than One time charge package

  • check your existing topping package through iService
  • if no other topping package, dial *190# (free)…system will automatically cancel all your existing topping package
  • But! if you wish to cancel only some recurring package, press this by
    dialing *901*previous package code# (free) you'll receive a confirmation SMS

just this you can cancel auto recurring charge package and buy new topping package via or


**The most caution is if mobile Data is enabled and you unsuccesfully auto renew package**

System will automatically charge data usage according to main package e.g. 1.50 Baht/MB (Pay Per Use). We recommend you to reserve money in advance for continuous use of internet


Essential USSD that you should know for auto recurring package (free checking)

  1. check recurring cycle period, dial *510*96# (free)
  2. cancel all Automatic Renew package, dial *190# (free)
  3. cancel some Automatic Renew package, dial *901*USSD code of package you wish to cancel# (free) e.g. *901*9979#
  4. check topping package usage, dial *900# (free)
  5. check balance, dial *123# (free)