VDO Cancel Spam SMS by yourself

Why each day there're many messages sent to me and how can I stop receiving these messages?
There are 2 types of SMS:
  1. Ads & Promotions SMS : these are free of charge and the messages sent to promote products or services
  2. Subscription SMS : for news or entertainments, these are from the user unintentionally press to subscribe them and they may cause service fee from SMS operator and showing on bill as extra service usage

If you don't want to receive these SMSes, you can easily cancel them by yourself via True iServic App

  1. Log in by using TrueID, if forget the password, try and check again. If do not succeed, you can choose to receive the password, simply follow these steps click
  2. Press the button at top left corner and choose Change pack
  3. Choose Ads & Promotions SMS
    • to cancel Ads & Promotions SMS > choose Ads & Promotions SMS > Stop receiving SMS > Confirm > Got it , system will block this type of SMS
    • to cancel Subscription SMS > choose Subscription SMS > choose the item you want to unsubscribe > press Unsubscribe > Confirm > Got it , system will block this type of SMS