VDO Handle service suspension by yourself

What can you do if you need to make an urgent call while your number is suspended?

  1. Log in by using TrueID, if forget the password, try and check again. If do not succeed, you can choose to receive the password, simply follow these steps click
  2. After logging in, on the top there'll be a notification about service suspension and the suspended number will be grey
  3. Press Down arrow to check service usage and details, press Detail to pay bill. You can choose to pay by credit card or True Money Wallet
  4. After payment choose Receive confirm payment, or if service is still unavailable, turn off and turn on your phone again 

Special for the customer who chooses to pay per bill cycle, if being inconvenient to pay, he can request for temporary service activation by pressing Detail button and choose "Pay later" tab to request for temporary service activation for 3 days. For smooth and continuous service, please choose to pay per bill cycle and making payment at TrueiService, True shop or 7 Eleven