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Basic troubleshooting for low speed Internet

Low speed internet can be caused by one of the following factors;

  1. Internal wiring
    • ​​If there is more than 1 phone line connection  and splitter is not used, the hi- speed Internet signal may be disturbed.
    • Substandard or damage wire or the wire is smaller than 0.5mm.
    • Substandard splitter
  2. External wiring
    External wiring is the wiring from the drop box at your house to the Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (DSLAM). If this is the cause, you cannot fix it yourself.
    • Bad weather at that time e.g. heavy rain
    • Damage wire
    • Too long distance between your house and DSLAM
      Note: The factors mentioned may also cause drop out and ADSL light keeps blinking
  3. The number of users using the service at that time
    Usually there are lots of users between 6 pm.-9 pm. During such period the internet Broadband is shared, so when lots of users are downloading large files at the same time, this may slow down the speed.  
  4. Internet Sharing on the same LAN line
    Increased usage, files download, opening streaming web or there is Bit torrent program being used. For faster speed you should close the bit torrent program.
  5. Media usage on wireless
    If the signal strength for wireless is low, wait until the signal strength is good or excellent.
  6. Virus, Spyware, Adware 
    Computer virus not only causes the computer's data damage, it also makes the computer slow and affects the internet's data transmission.  So Anti Virus program should be checked and upgraded often.